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Guess What Was in These Campers’ Driver’s Seat? [VIDEO]

About the last thing you would expect to see when you go to open the door of your car is a bear sitting in the driver’s seat.

That is exactly what happened to a Kentucky family that was camping and visiting the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area.

Language NSFW

This bear’s cubs were hanging around the cabin and the family wasn’t sure why, since the mother bear was nowhere in sight. They soon realized that the mother bear was trapped in their car!

Visiting the Smoky Mountains is a great getaway, and many people see the area without ever encountering bears or knowing they are nearby. This family’s experience wasn’t as pleasant as some.

It was certainly a memorable trip, though. The best part is that it was all captured on film!

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Guess What Was in These Campers’ Driver’s Seat? [VIDEO]