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Bear Gets Hit By Car, Promptly Runs Away [VIDEO]

Bear gets hit by car and runs unfazed into the forest.

Car vs. wildlife accidents are nothing to joke about, but they can produce some jaw-dropping footage when Russian dash cameras get involved.

Take a look at this YouTube video from earlier this year, and try to imagine how this bear (and the car, for that matter) wasn’t completely destroyed.

With concern growing over the likelihood of cars colliding with bears, deer and other game animals, hunting has been one source of relief alongside other more inventive solutions.

Check out this post on a giant buck hit by a car in Minnesota.

With winter weather comes increased danger driving through wildlife habitats, so let this video serve as a reminder to always stay alert while driving in snow or ice, and keep the shoulders in your peripherals to anticipate any brave road crossers.

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Bear Gets Hit By Car, Promptly Runs Away [VIDEO]