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Bear Fight Over Fishing Spot Ends in a Victory Leap [VIDEO]

A live streaming camera picked up footage of a bear fight, and the victor has a unique celebration.

We marvel at videos like this one, showing the incredible nature of wild animals in their habitat, doing the things they do when they don’t know we’re watching.

We also love it when there’s an awesome finale in the clip, much like this. Watch these bears in Alaska’s Katmai National Park giving the live stream cameras some action.

The tussle starts fast, and it looks like both bears mean business. When there’s food in the area, and limited opportunities to catch that food, bears can become pretty territorial over their fishing spots.

Once the fight breaks up, the victor quickly turns his attention back to the fish, and ends up at the edge of the waterfall. The proud, celebratory leap that follows is the type of moment that makes this live on-going footage so fantastic.

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Bear Fight Over Fishing Spot Ends in a Victory Leap [VIDEO]