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Bear Feeding Video in Banff National Park, Canada Leads to Stiff Fine [VIDEO]

Tourists from Toronto, Ontario were videotaped in Banff National Park feeding a wild bear then handed a $1,000 fine.

Parks Canada officials are serious in reminding people that the feeding of wild animals in a national park is illegal and just plain dangerous.

Complaints have risen over the last few years as bear-human confrontations rise. Officials go on to say that feeding wild animals always comes with a price, and the feeding of wild bears is especially dangerous.

The release of the video shows how easy it is to forget the rules and attract a large bruin close enough to an open window to be harmful or even fatal.

The reward for ignoring the law: a $1,000 fine.

Lake Louise Park Warden Jim Mamalis is quoted as saying; “The first obvious danger is if you have a 200- or 300-pound black bear leaning up against the door of your car with the window open, you can think of the consequences.”

He went on to say that that he was involved in two separate cases in the last year where bears were fed by people, became a nuisance, and had to be euthanized.

This particular instance occurred on Highway 93 north in Banff National Park last year.

Parks Canada has gone as far as asking tourists in the park system to take down license plate and vehicle model information of people feeding animals, especially wild bears.

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Bear Feeding Video in Banff National Park, Canada Leads to Stiff Fine [VIDEO]