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Bear Fat Blueberry Butter

Make and Takes

Kill a bear? Make sure you save the fat because, apparently, it is just delicious. Steven Rinella even uses the bear fat to spread on toast.

Bear meat is tricky. The meat usually tastes like what the bear has been eating. That is why oftentimes bear meat tastes fishy (a well-known favorite of bruins in mountainous regions).

But if the bear has been eating a lot of blueberries, then you are in for a treat.

Steven Rinella, in his book “Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter,” says that he saves the bear fat from the bears he harvests. If the bear had a diet of blueberries, then the fat will have a purplish tint and it tastes as sweet as jam.

It’s so good that you can melt it and spread it on toast like butter.

A blueberry butter.

Brown colored black bear eating buffalo berries in Jasper, Canada

The fat is also good to cube up and fry bear meat to make it taste a bit sweeter. Rinella also uses the bear fat to make french fries, and that’s just genius.

To render the fat, cut it into one-inch cubes and place in a pot over low heat. The cubes will give off a fine oil and after a few hours will turn into wafers that look like pork rinds.

Strain out the rinds, pour the oil through cheesecloth to filter and then store in glass Mason jars. It should be as clear as olive oil when you are finished and then when cooled, it will be white.

Steven Rinella is constantly pushing us to be more creative with cooking our game. Just make sure you cook bear meat all the way through to avoid trichinosis.

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Bear Fat Blueberry Butter