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Bear Dances on Tiptoes as It Tries to Get to Bird Feeder [VIDEO]

Oh, the hilarious extents bears and other animals will go through to get to a bird feeder.

One of the biggest complaints everyone has about bird feeders is that often other animals, mostly squirrels, frequent them more than birds do. This can often lead to damaged bird feeders and lots of lost seed.

Every now and then it is worth it to let them have at it as they try their best to get to feeders no matter where they are. Like this black bear for instance. A woman in Lakeville, Connecticut caught this bear hilariously dancing on his tiptoes to try to knock a bird feeder down for lunch.

I wonder how long this bear stood there attempting his tip-toe dance before he gave up or actually got it down.

This is really cute and funny but this can turn into a real issue with bears. Once they figure out that there is a food source there they will keep returning. It is best to do as in this video and try to keep them out of their reach so they will become frustrated and leave them be.

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Bear Dances on Tiptoes as It Tries to Get to Bird Feeder [VIDEO]