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Mother Bear Drags Her Cubs’ Bodies Away After Terrible Electricity Accident

Cody Wyoming Network

Two bear cubs were electrocuted to death and fell from a power pole to spark a brush fire in California. The mother bear protected the bodies from firefighters before dragging them into the woods.

A local game warden said he had never seen bears climb a power pole similar to the one the two cubs had done in this terrible story. He speculated that their possibly could have been a male bear roaming the area which would lead the mother bear to urge the youngsters up the pole for safety, as told to the LA Times.

The mother bear and her cubs had been seen in the area of the rural section of Banning near Bluff Street, California. The young cubs’ fur instantly caught on fire when they were electrocuted by the transformer they had touched atop the pole.

As if the story isn’t strange enough, when the 6-month-old cubs’ bodies struck the ground, the fire from their fur then lit the grass and brush around them on fire as well. Riverside County Fire Department showed up to diminish and put the fire out after the incident had been called in.

Are you ready for another plot twist? As the firefighters approached the situation, the mother bear was there protecting her cubs and the firefighters were forced to do their job from afar and for good reason. You just don’t mess with a bear’s cubs.

The mama bear was making sounds and noises, warning the men to stay away. Therefore, the fireman made a wise decision and stood at a distance and tried to manage the fire from spreading. Eventually the mama bear took the matter into her own hands and drug the deceased cubs burnt bodies into the brush. According to California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan, the mother bear will most likely bury the bodies.

When it was all said done, the fireman were able to control and stop the fire, but not until after it had burnt an acre and a half of land.

Definitely a crazy story and one for the books. Who knew a few cubs and a power pole could cause such a stir. The mother bear’s actions are so heartbreaking – all she wanted to do was protect her babies.


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Mother Bear Drags Her Cubs’ Bodies Away After Terrible Electricity Accident