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Bear Cub Tackles Its Sibling In the Cutest Attack of All Time [VIDEO]

NBC Connecticut

You’re gonna love this one.

While a fully grown black bear might be pretty terrifying to find in your backyard, the blow is somehow softened by three adorable cubs playing beside her. Particularly when one cub tackles its sibling in the cutest attack of all time.

THIS. I mean, come on. I am such a sucker for a baby bear cub frolicking, well, anywhere. Add in a sibling or two in a playful wrestling match? Heart. Melted. It kind of makes you forget that the mother bear (a few short feet away) could decide you’re a threat and charge you, but, hey. At least you got to see those adorable cubs.

The feisty little guy does a quick fake-out, sitting down for a split second like he’s had enough playtime. Gotcha! His brother (sister?) doesn’t even have a chance to react before being taken down in a full-body tackle. He even tries to get mom in on the action.

Warning: Resist the urge to go play with them. The temptation may be overwhelming, but trust me. Bear cubs are cute and all, but momma ultimately calls the shots.

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Bear Cub Tackles Its Sibling In the Cutest Attack of All Time [VIDEO]