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Bear Cub Gets Its Head Stuck in a Cookie Jar

This poor bear cub gets its head stuck in a cookie jar, and everyone tries to hold back their laughter.

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Pretty sure it was this bear cub, who just had to get those last crumbs from a oversized plastic animal cookie jar while rummaging through some trash in New Jersey, according to a recent NBC New York report.

The six-month old, 28-pound black bear was seen in Ringwood, NJ, where the state’s Environmental Protection Department was called in.

It gets worse, as the spooked bear bolted up a tree and ended up wedging between the trunk and branches, immobilizing itself.

The bear was tranquilized and returned to ground level with the help of the local fire department, who were able to gingerly cut the jar off and set it free.

If only Christopher Robin were around, this may have been avoided.


Images via New Jersey Environmental Protection Department

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Bear Cub Gets Its Head Stuck in a Cookie Jar