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Bear Charges Hunters, and Luckily They're Prepared [VIDEO]

Watch as this hunter has his pistol drawn and is ready for anything when this bear charges.

When a grizzly bear is staring you down and you have no idea what his intentions are, it's probably one of life's most sobering moments. Whatever is on your mind or whatever you may be feeling just goes away... and you focus on the bear. Keenly watching his every move and anxiously awaiting a charge.

Will you be ready when it happens?

WARNING: Some language is NSFW.


Luckily for these hunters, the bear charges and only comes within a few yards of them before he stops. The hunter, with his weapon drawn, stands firm and makes a few noises in an effort to deter the bear.

Then... he proceeds to quote Kurt Russell's character Wyatt Earp in the infamous hollywood western 'Tombstone' ...

"You tell 'em I'm coming... and Hell is coming with me."

Keeping a cool head and staying calm is always your best bet in a situation like this, even if you have to quote a favorite movie, because apparently bears don't want the wrath of Wyatt Earp descending upon them.

Being prepared in the wild is always a great way to stay safe, and when you're in grizzly bear country, it could mean life or death.

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Bear Charges Hunters, and Luckily They're Prepared [VIDEO]