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Bear Charges Bow Hunter in Backcountry California [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear charges a bow hunter in this intense hunting video.

In the video below, Outback Outdoor host Dave Beronio stalks a black bear on an open mountain face in northern California.

With his bow fully drawn, Beronio gets within just a few yards of the bear to take his shot. He lands an arrow in the bear, sending it running off into the brush nearby.

But Beronio’s arrow doesn’t kill the bear; it just makes it really pissed off.

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The bear emerges seconds later and charges down the mountain towards Beronio. Watch what happens next.

Obviously, it’s hard to think clearly and execute an accurate shot when an enraged black bear is charging you, but Beronio managed to fire off a kill shot.

Had the bear came in from the right of the boulder in front of Beronio, we might not be watching this video today.

Has a bear ever charged after you?

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Bear Charges Bow Hunter in Backcountry California [VIDEO]