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Bear Viciously Attacks Baby Boar Right in Front of Trail Camera

bear catches wild pig boar on trail camera

Checking trail cameras can be exciting and even during a study on the invasive wild boars, no one could ever expect to capture a bear catching a baby boar.

Trail cameras. We set them out and hope they give us an idea as to what or who is moving around when we aren’t there.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does the bear still feast on wild hogs?

The answer is yes. And we have proof as this trail camera catches a full on wildlife experience of what exactly goes on in nature. As grueling as this footage may be, this is nature up close, real close.

Warning: Graphic footage.

According to the description, this trail camera was set up on the Tejon Ranch in California. The Tejon Ranch Conservancy, according to their website, is set up to protect the Tejon Ranch and its biological diversity. The ranch is over 270,000 acres and is home to many wild animals and plants.

Biologist, Ben Teton, according to the video description, has been working on a study of the invasive wild pigs on the ranch. The attempt to capture and gather information using the trail camera is a vital part to the study. What he was able to capture was this sow black bear chasing and capturing a young wild pig.

It shows just how fast and hungry black bears can be, and I have heard many stories of how black bears have a huge impact on the wildlife, specifically whitetail fawns. A coworker of my fathers, set up a trail camera over a bear den and captured the black bear bringing back over 40 fawns in one spring. The bears have to eat too and although it may be a graphic video to watch, this is nature unfolding and a moment caught on camera that can make anyone put their hand over their mouth and just say, “Wow!”

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Bear Viciously Attacks Baby Boar Right in Front of Trail Camera