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Bear Calling Tactics to Use on Your Next Hunt [VIDEO]

Bear calling tactics are a proven strategy for getting the attention of a big bruin. Be warned – it can be a workout.

Most bear hunters sit over a pile of bait and play a waiting game. The majority have never used a call.

Bears are opportunistic feeders. By replicating the sound of an animal in distress, from a deer fawn to a moose calf, a bear can be tricked into working its way in.

It is recommended that you call for 30 to 45 minutes at a time, which is not an easy task. This is where electronic calls, and a hunting partner, come into play.

Steve Galea offers some insight into calling for bears – as well as some safety recommendations to adhere to:

Go bag yourself a bear this season by utilizing these calling tactics.

It isn’t as easy as sitting over a bait pile keeping quiet, but then again, hard work often pays off for the resourceful hunter.

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Bear Calling Tactics to Use on Your Next Hunt [VIDEO]