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What Woke This Guy Sleeping on the Couch? [VIDEO]

Watch this mysterious break in via security cameras.

Imagine slumbering peacefully on your couch, only to be awakened by an opened door. Panic sets in as you jolt upright and peer through the darkness. Is it a burglar? The SWAT team? Something terrifying?

Actually, it’s a black bear, the very same species that’s been popping up more and more in some of the most interesting videos we’ve tracked down lately.

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Black bears don’t necessarily have an unruly reputation, but they are certainly curious creatures that often let their noses lead them towards their next meal with little concern over what’s between them and their food.

More urbanization and habitat loss across the nation has likely played a factor in the surge of bear videos showing up online, mainly because of the increased potential for interaction between humans and wildlife.

Check out this video from YouTuber Villhelm and watch what the guy does in response:

Something tells us this guy had somewhat of a party before passing out on that couch. We wonder how long it took him to convince his buddies what happened, and how long it took him to remember his security cameras were filming it all for proof.

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We’re not judging, but we’re guessing no one remembered to lock the door before hitting the sack. If you live in bear country, you should know your wildlife neighbor’s capabilities.

And apparently, those include opening doors.

Ever had a black bear encounter this close? Fill us in below.

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What Woke This Guy Sleeping on the Couch? [VIDEO]