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Learn How to Make Bear Bait for Your Hunting Needs

We all see great bear hunting videos on the internet and television, but we rarely see the preparation that goes into making that hunt successful. Specifically, how do you make "bear bait"? 

Dan over at Elk Shape recently posted a video that outlines his preparation for bear season. He even goes in detail about how to make the bait and what equipment to use.

The great part is that it's so simple he can reduce it to a three-minute video.

Many hunting shows try to make the process of baiting and preparing way too complicated. The simplicity is what many  outfitters don't want you to see. However, it's important to remember, even though Dan showed us this process in just over three minutes, it took many hours.

The point, though, is brought down to one sentence spoken by Dan. "I'm going to make it smell likes McDonald's for bear in the middle of the woods".

What bears want is good (to bears) smelling, high carbohydrate foods. What hunters want is a food source that will attract bears over a large area.

The grease leaking out to get on bear paws and thus making each bear an automatic scent trailer, is a great added point.


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Learn How to Make Bear Bait for Your Hunting Needs