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The Bear Apprentice 2 Bow: An In-Depth Review [VIDEO]

The Bear Apprentice 2 is a great bow that is versatile, adaptable and a good value.

This lightweight, compact bow has specifications of an axle-to-axle length of 27.6 inches and a brace height of 6.1 inches while weighing a very light 2.9 pounds, but produces a peak speed of 265 fps.

The Apprentice 2 adjusts easily from 20 to 60 pounds draw weight by turning two dials, one on each limb. The draw length is adjustable from 15 inches to 27 inches. The length is adjusted by moving a set screw on each of the cams to the corresponding length mark. No bow press is required for any of the adjustments.

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The Apprentice 2 comes ready to shoot. It has a white nylon cable slide, a string loop, a Trophy Ridge sharp shooter three-pin sight, a four-arrow quiver and a Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit arrow rest.

A young shooter or hunter can learn and progress with this bow from an inexperienced age. Most first-graders can handle the bow when the draw length and draw weight are at the minimums. As the shooter can handle more weight, the draw length of the bow can be easily adjusted for fit. At the lower weights, light arrows for low poundage bows are recommended, like the Beman ICS Junior Arrows. At the full draw weight of 60 pounds and a draw length of 27 inches, most average-sized adults can shoot this bow.

If you happen to outgrow your Apprentice 2, you can move to a number of other Bear bows that will have the same feel due to similar cams, balance and limb pockets.

The Bear Apprentice 2 is one hell of a bow that deserves your attention.

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The Bear Apprentice 2 Bow: An In-Depth Review [VIDEO]