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Battle Cry of the Marmot Will Strike Fear Into Your Heart [VIDEO]


Never thought you’d be afraid of a marmot? You will after this.

This little marmot (what the heck is a marmot, anyway, right?) puffs up its chest, trying to look tough and intimidate the onlookers. And it does. It looks like a rodent bodybuilder, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of rodents.

TIP: Watch it on mute first and use your imagination. Then check it out with volume up.

Terrified yet? Did it match your expectations? I’m guessing not.

Maybe it’s defending its territory from the humanoids in this video. Maybe it’s just trying to start some trouble. We don’t know. All we do know is that you will never forget the battle cry of the marmot.

When the people taping the marmot laugh after its first shrill shriek, it turns as if to say, “What? You want some too?!” It’s like a little, furry bro hopped up on Jägerbombs. And nobody likes that. So cool your jets little marmot.

On a more serious note, marmots give sharp whistles like this when one stands guard over a colony. If something dangerous approaches, the sentinel gives the alarm cry and the colony scatters, like prairie dogs. Though it’s not very intimidating, it must be effective. Because how could you miss a warning cry like that?

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Battle Cry of the Marmot Will Strike Fear Into Your Heart [VIDEO]