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Battle Between Cape Buffalo, Lion, and Crocodile Over Buffalo Calf [VIDEO]

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Watch as a herd of Cape Buffalo fights to get a lone calf back from a lion pride and a random crocodile in Kruger National Park.

A group of tourists visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa were fortunate enough to witness a pride of lions separate a buffalo calf from the herd. They captured the ensuing fight between the buffalo, the lions, and a crocodile over the buffalo calf on video.

This video by Jason Schlosberg captures the beauty and the cold and unforgiving nature of life in Africa.

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Amazingly, the buffalo calf survives the initial encounter and is able to rejoin the herd. It is unknown how long the calf survived after the attack, or if it later succumbed to its wounds.

However, this video demonstrates the legendary toughness of the Cape Buffalo. I can’t think of a single other animal that could get up and walk away after being chewed on by a five lions and a crocodile for a couple of minutes.

Like I stated in my previous video, life is tough when you’re a prey animal in Africa. This is equally true for predators: the lions and the crocodile expended a great deal of energy in pursuit of a meal that they came close to getting, but ultimately missed out on. Even if the calf ended up dying as a result of the attack, odds are that these lions and the crocodile would miss out and the hyenas would reap the benefits of an easy meal.

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Have you ever witnessed a large predator catch a meal in the wild? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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Battle Between Cape Buffalo, Lion, and Crocodile Over Buffalo Calf [VIDEO]