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Is the Battelle DroneDefender the Best Anti-Drone Weapon? [VIDEO]

Battelle DroneDefender has been released to combat drones and works unexpectedly well.

Drones are becoming more and more relevant in our lives. Amazon is in talks of utilzing a drone delivery system and the cost of drones are becoming more affordable.

Battelle DroneDefender has been in testing, and the results are pretty surprising. 

The publisher of the video had this to say,

“Drones are great, but not when someone is doing something bad with one, like dropping contraband into a prison or flying into restricted airspace. We’ve got an answer.
*Due to U.S. Federal regulations, this is a simulation of our DroneDefender. It has, though, been successfully tested in field trials.”

It’s hard to guess if this tool will become available to the public anytime soon, but the trial video attempts to demonstrate that it can indeed effectively.

Is anti-drone weapons a beginning to a new industry? Will drone defense companies emerge as safety and concern arises?

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Is the Battelle DroneDefender the Best Anti-Drone Weapon? [VIDEO]