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Batak Tribesmen Build a Survival Bow Before Your Very Eyes

Watch and learn as these tribesmen make a survival bow in no time.

It seems these days in America we are moving faster and faster away from our roots as people who live with the natural world. As technology makes our lives easier, it often ushers us further and further away from the activities that are most human. Not only are many people missing out on experiences with nature, but the knowledge of countless generations is at risk of being forgotten. Preserving this knowledge is what primitive bushcraft is all about.

At the heart of what we in America have dubbed as “bushcaft” is the ability to use natural materials around you to live. As Ray Mears puts it, “The goal is to make the woods a place you can live, not just visit from time to time.” Reaching this point takes time and dedication to seek out knowledge that isn’t shared among the majority of Americans. Although the majority of people in America wouldn’t last a week if they were cast into the woods, there are a number of societies around the world that still use this knowledge everyday. One such society is the Batak tribe of the western Philippines.

The Batak tribe still lives a largely hand-to-mouth existence and depends on the bounty of the land for much of their subsistence. In this type of life you obviously need a different set of tools than we need in our modern urban lives. One such tool these people use everyday is the bow and arrow. Being able to construct a bow and arrow would have to be an essential skill that many people of the tribe have.

Watch as one Youtuber captures a Batak man creating a survival bow in a matter of minutes.

What a cool thing to be able to watch this man construct this bow in this manner.

The interesting thing to realize is that as we sit here today in all the comforts of the 21st century, there are still people around the world living this type of natural existence. The young children in the video will learn the art of bow making as our kids learn to operate an iPad, drive a car, and do their taxes. Although this type of life shouldn’t be over romanticized, its simplicity is appealing to a growing number of people.

Few of us may ever reach the bushcraft knowledge level of the Batak people in this video. For most of us, we are just not afforded that much time. We can however learn as much as possible from them by studying skills like featured in this video.

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Batak Tribesmen Build a Survival Bow Before Your Very Eyes