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Bassmaster Classic Top Champions, Catches And Prizes [INFOGRAPHIC]

This Friday, the Bassmaster Classic will kick off on Guntersville Lake in Alabama.

Since 1971, the Bassmaster Classic has attracted some of the world's best bass anglers. Last year, angler Cliff Pace took the top spot. After sustaining a hunting injury earlier this winter, Pace had to withdraw from the Classic. Now, the nation's top anglers will duke it out on Guntersville to claim the title of 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion.

This infographic from shows some cool facts about the history of Bassmaster Classic, including stats of the top Classic champions, their prize earnings, and the biggest catches throughout the years. It also has some information about and the tools of the trade, and the US states that feature the largemouth bass as their state fish. Check it out.

Bassmaster Classic Infographic

Infographic via

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Bassmaster Classic Top Champions, Catches And Prizes [INFOGRAPHIC]