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Bass Pro Shops Reportedly Considering an Offer to Buy Cabela’s

News has struck of the two largest outdoor retail stores, bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, and a possible purchase offer.

The latest report to impact the overwhelmingly large and ever-growing outdoor retail industry could be far bigger than normal.

The privately held Bass Pro Shops is considering an offer to buy Cabela’s, which could combine the two biggest stores should a sale eventually go through.

Word has it Bass Pro is teaming up with an investment bank on the potential offer, according to people familiar with the situation. Cabela’s has begun to explore its future options and has reached out to private equity firms to gauge interest.

Shares of Cabela’s raised 13% following the news. Their U.S. and Canadian stores have become roadside entertainment centers, and definitive destinations for anglers, hunters, and sportsmen and women across North America.

Bass Pro Shops, based in Springfield, Missouri, also has stores across the continent and features aquariums and restaurants in some locations. Prices and accommodations have not been the only means of competition, as both companies produce their own brands of equipment and apparel.

Neither company has spoken publicly on the matter.

What could this mean for the consumer, especially those in the somewhat heated faction divide between Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s fans?

In time more will come out, and you’ll be sure to find it when it does on Wide Open Spaces.


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Bass Pro Shops Reportedly Considering an Offer to Buy Cabela’s