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Bass Pro Founder/CEO Pens Open Letter on Future of Cabela’s

The Bass Pro acquisition of Cabela’s shocked the hunting world and industry. CEO Johnny Morris wrote an open letter on the news and where we go from here.

Built on traditions, outdoor values, and a love of conservation, Bass Pro and Cabela’s have been at the pinnacle of outdoor retail for decades. And now they are under the same ownership, with the news that rocked the outdoor world about a month ago.

Johnny Morris, the founder of Bass Pro Shops, extends this open letter to all those who had helped him along the way, and it portrays all the things that have made his company so successful.

Safe to say Cabela’s is in great hands, and Mr. Morris makes certain he will move forward and work diligently to foster the qualities that customers love most about both Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.

The CEO says “Both of our companies share a remarkably similar heritage, each starting very small and growing over time thanks to the hard work and passion of many remarkable team members. The combination of our two companies will honor and build upon this legacy. Bass Pro Shops has every intention of celebrating and growing the Cabela’s brand.”

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The FAQs at the end of the letter were helpful, too. There were definitely concerns over what would happen to credit cards and rewards programs, and it looks like things will remain mostly the same, with Capital One taking over Cabela’s credit card business. Ultimately, we can expect little to no immediate changes to the stores themselves.

As an outdoor enthusiast who loves both stores, it is encouraging to read this letter from the Bass Pro family.

A remarkable journey built on passion and hard work, it is exciting to see what is to come for these two powerhouse companies.

Johnny said it best himself: “A proud past — a bright future together!”

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Bass Pro Founder/CEO Pens Open Letter on Future of Cabela’s