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Bass Fishing Hall of Fame to Honor George H.W. Bush

George H. W. Bush
Tulsa World

George H.W. Bush is set to be honored in Tulsa by the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

In March, the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame will Honor President George H.W. Bush with a formal recognition on the eve of the Bassmaster Classic.

Hall president Sammy Lee told reporters of George H.W. Bush's attendance, "Wouldn't that be something?" He added, "Or his son might attend, you never know."

Regarding the reason for recognizing the President, Lee told reporters,"While serving as both the Vice President and as our President, George Bush took exceptional interest in fisheries, water access and conservation issues -- and is also a pretty good angler himself, according to fellow Hall member Ray Scott."

In addition to George H.W. Bush, soft-plastic lure inventor Gary Yamamoto and fishing instructor Billy Murray will be attending the event.

Details on the event will be known in December, according to reports.


Image via TulsaWorld

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Bass Fishing Hall of Fame to Honor George H.W. Bush