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Why Bass Fear 2016 Bassmaster Classic Angler KVD

Meet the world's best angler. He may pull off his 21st win at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic.

Have you ever dreamed of stepping inside the mind of a professional bass master? Okay, maybe not just any professional angler. I'm talking about the Bassmaster Classic prodigy Kevin VanDam. His accolades in the world of competitive fishing are astonishing.

He's competed in 263 Bassmaster Classic tournaments, winning 20, landing runner-up 13 times and finishing within the top 10 an impressive 100 times. Stats like these are mind boggling. Enough to make a fish say uncle!

The 2016 Bassmaster Classic tournament will be kicking off on March 4th. Join GoPro as they film Kevin's mentality prior to the first cast. He describes his passion for fishing and his life as a tournament angler.

Cast your line, reel in the slack and get ready to be hooked!

Apart from Kevin's record breaking accomplishments, he's also a devoted family man. When he's not rippin lips, Kevin's spending time with his wife Sherry and twin boys, Jackson and Nicholas. He also manages to get some deer hunting in during the offseason.

Make sure you tune into this years 2016 Bassmaster Classic. Now that you've peered into the mind of Kevin VanDam, you'll want to see him in action.


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Why Bass Fear 2016 Bassmaster Classic Angler KVD