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Bass Eats Lure in Ultra Clear Underwater GoPro Footage [VIDEO]

Underwater GoPro footage is a favorite of ours, especially when it's this awesome.

When fishing, the real action usually doesn't start until a fish decides to bite. However, as this video proves, the action actually starts long before that.

Thanks to YouTube user LakeForkGuy, we get to see exactly what happens in the moments leading up to a bass engulfing a bait with some very clear and impressive footage.

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In the video, LakeForkGuy is employing a drop shot technique to entice a hungry bass into biting.

The bass can be seen eyeballing the artificial shad lure from several different spots around the bouncing bait. After silently stalking its prey, the bass moves in for a closer look and a quick taste.

After the first nibble, the fish swims off a short distance and continues to watch the lure rise and fall before finally zooming in and fully taking the bait.

Not only is this video a great look into the underwater world that all of our favorite fish species inhabit, and the behavior of bass, but it is also a wonderful demonstration of the drop shot technique.

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Fishing with a drop shot set-up is the perfect strategy for bedded bass, very clear water, and getting pressured or finicky fish to bite.

It is very interesting to get a fish eye's view of the action that happens underwater while fishing, and it can help give anglers a new perspective on the species they are after.

What is happening below the surface can go a long way towards increasing any angler's catch total and it is all too often ignored or forgotten.

Have you had success with using a drop shot rig while bass fishing? If so, share your stories and tips in the comment section below.

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Bass Eats Lure in Ultra Clear Underwater GoPro Footage [VIDEO]