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Bass Angler Puts on a Show for Spectators [VIDEO]

This bass angler puts a show for a spectator watching from their vehicle, videotaping his shenanigans.

It starts with a casting motion that looks like he's trying to rope a steer.

Then, as the bait hits the water, he shifts into position to give a steady rhythm of action to the "bait," which is followed by some pelvic thrusts and what appears to be some kind of choreographed retrieve that resembles something between Shaw Grigsby's "Walking the Dog" technique and Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader, swinging the rod around like it's a lightsaber.

His showboating doesn't catch any fish, but it does catch the attention of the onlooker who took it upon themselves to film this little comedy gem.

Luckily, while he was putting on this little performance, she took the time to film it and narrate. As the lure nears the bank, she says "No fish!" This showoff is no doubt enjoying himself in spite of getting skunked, which is an inevitable reality.

At some point, we are all due for those times. You have to be able to laugh at yourself in those situations and create your own fun. He then makes a scene by picking up the bait and putting it in his mouth.

Surprised by the sight of the camera (or at least he pretends to be), he drops the rod and quickly belts out of the frame.

I would imagine there's a never a dull moment when you're this guy's fishing buddy.

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Bass Angler Puts on a Show for Spectators [VIDEO]