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Larry Vickers Shows Us Some Fast AR15 Carbine Tips

Bravo Company AR15

Bravo Company and Larry Vickers showcase a basic AR15 for training.

Larry highlights his preferences on the carbine for a basic training platform. Each shooter will develop their own nuances, but Larry provides a basic package to get you ready for basic war fighting with an AR Carbine.

Everything from lights, rails, optics, grips, and butt stock preference are highlighted in this video. Larry also covers the sling that he prefers, and without any surprise it’s a BFG Vickers Sling. Worth every nickel that sling keeps the rifle where you need it.

Larry has different techniques that can be showcased on his channel. The Bravo Company team and Larry Vickers Tactical are both great resources to look at when beginning to assemble your rifle.

Prices will vary on equipment shown. The optics, will change depending on how far you want to stretch the accuracy of the rifle. Be ready for heftier price tags when you begin looking to reach longer distances also. All accoutrements aside, the Bravo Company AR15 is a solid contender for a basic carbine.


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Larry Vickers Shows Us Some Fast AR15 Carbine Tips