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Barracuda Jumps Into Boat, Nearly Colliding with Angler

A large sharp-toothed barracuda is not something you want flying towards your head.

Angler Kevin Faver managed to evade a deadly barracuda projectile back in 2012 while fishing offshore near St. Augustine, Fla. He was filming a segment for a fishing program called “Tails From the Outdoors Show” when something strong and fast took his line. Cameraman Bob Pollock was rolling when it happened. The video opens with Faver’s co-host Brad Deckard noting a flash of silver in the water. Suddenly, a large barracuda jumps out from under the surface like a submarine-launched cruise missile and lands in the boat. It nearly hit Faver in the head on the way in. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

At least the anglers didn’t have to jump out of the boat to avoid the flying fish. That wasn’t the case for a couple of offshore anglers in Costa Rica back in January. A sailfish jumped into their boat, and they decided to make a quick bailout into the sea.

Barracuda are nasty fish that fight hard when hooked. Their long pike-like body allows them to swim fast. Barracuda have sharp fanged teeth much like a piranha.

Fish on, everyone!



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Barracuda Jumps Into Boat, Nearly Colliding with Angler