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Barracuda Chomps Giant Trevally From Fisherman's Line [VIDEO]

There has to be no worse feeling than having a prized fish destroyed at the last second by a barracuda.

The German-based company AOS Fly Fishing knows a thing or two about fishing. They not only have a successful fishing gear company, but travel the world going after fish wherever they can. Unfortunately for them while fishing off the Alphonse Islands, the inevitable happens, and the results are shown in the video below.

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This has to be the worst part about fishing in the ocean. In freshwater, you really don't have to worry about anything happening to your catch on the way in. In saltwater, you never know what else had its eye on that fish you just hooked.


I'm just really glad that barracuda decided to strike the fish when it did. If it would have waited any longer it might have been part of that guy's arm it swam off with instead.

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Barracuda Chomps Giant Trevally From Fisherman's Line [VIDEO]