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Barn vs. Warehouse: Which Non-Traditional Log Cabin is Best? [PICS]

Who doesn’t love a great non-traditional log cabin idea? Which is best? 

Most outdoorsmen can all agree on one thing: we all want a log cabin! We are putting these two alternative design log cabins to the test to see which you think is the best one. In my opinion, a non-traditional log cabin is still a log cabin, but to each their own.

Up first is a barn that has been converted into a hunting man cave. What do you think? Do you like this one more or less than non-traditional log cabin number two?

Try not to factor in the fact that cabin number one is secluded on 100 private acres.

Converted Barn








How crazy awesome is that? That woodwork, the decor, the privacy, and not to mention the size of this hunting cabin is great. This would be amazing to own!

How does this stack up against its competitor, a converted warehouse?

Converted Warehouse 







Okay, wow. The outside might have thrown you, but the inside is 100 percent log cabin that would make any outdoorsman proud to call their own.

Again, you have to admit, this one is pretty great. All the wood, the decor, the SIZE; how incredible is converted warehouse?

Alright, which one is your favorite? Does the warehouse win out or will the barn go down as the best between the two?

What’s it matter? I would be happy to take either!

All pictures from Facebook/Miranda Needy

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Barn vs. Warehouse: Which Non-Traditional Log Cabin is Best? [PICS]