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This Barehanded Red Deer Catch is Nuts [VIDEO]

The Outback Adventurer is at it again, this time with a barehanded red deer catch.

Andrew Ucles is a nut, plain and simple. But he’s the good kind of nut, one that is working to educate and advocate for wildlife by harkening back to the true nature of human beings.

And in this case, that true nature includes wrangling a large red deer in Australia, where the non-native, feral animals are harming the continent’s habitat.

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It should go without saying that this sort of thing shouldn’t be attempted by any non-professional. Ucles obviously has experience with wild animals, and takes every precaution not to harm or stress the creatures he interacts with.

Still, that stag looks at least a little stressed, don’t you think? A barehanded red deer catch is indeed an impressive feat, but like we said, leave it to the pros.

Have you ever been close enough to a deer that you could grab it with your bare hands?

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This Barehanded Red Deer Catch is Nuts [VIDEO]