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Barefoot or Barehanded, Catching Salmon is Nothing for This Girl

We may use different tools, but not too many of us can catch salmon like this girl and look that good doing it.

Here's a testament to every one of our childhood memories of playing in a stream during the summer- bare feet, bare hands, shorts, and a t-shirt.

The difference here is that this is purported to be somewhere near Skagway, Alaska where the rivers and streams are beautiful and the salmon are usually plentiful.

Enter one lady who's not afraid to put her hands on a nice salmon, lift it out for the camera, and plunk it back into the water without a hitch. It's just that she doesn't have anything but her fingers to do it with!

If you haven't tried to catch a fish with your bare hands then you haven't fished yet! Some of us have even been successful at it hence making us think like we can always do it when you and I both know the answer is: forget it.

While I don't think that any fishing regulations were broken by this girl when she did it, at least she immediately let it go. It might sound silly to even mention it, but people take the rules very seriously and rightly so- it's one of the reasons why there are so many fish still out there!


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Barefoot or Barehanded, Catching Salmon is Nothing for This Girl