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Barefoot Australian Rob Bredl Rides a Crocodile [VIDEO]

If you thought The Crocodile Hunter was crazy, you need to take a look at Rob Bredl.

Bredl ups the crazy Australian ante by not only capturing crocs, but riding and taunting them. All without wearing shoes.

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Bredl may appear a reckless adrenaline junkie, but he’s, in fact, a dedicated conservationist. He’s starred in several documentaries and even owns a wildlife sanctuary.

Bredl has been hunting and capturing crocodiles with his father since a young age, and was a driving force behind the Australian government’s decision to ban killing the once-endangered reptiles. He often shuns shoes while catching crocodiles, a move that has earned him the nickname “The Barefoot Bushman.”

His in-depth knowledge of crocodiles also clearly makes him confident enough to mount a crocodile without worrying too much about his fingers, toes, or life in general. In this video, he places himself on the croc’s back in a spot where he claims the beast is unable to reach him. Laughing despite being in apparent mortal danger, Bredl states that once a crocodile grows beyond 3.5 meters (more than 11 feet), it can’t “suck its toe anymore,” and so he is “quite safe” sitting just above its tail. Bredl recommends:

If you’re going to do this, always measure your crocodile first.

Despite his advice, the croc manages to nearly shake him off at one point, crunching down on a bucket held by Bredl and just brushing his hat’s brim with its jaws.

If someone as capable as Bredl can have this close of a call, we shouldn’t have to tell you to never try this yourself, even if you can get close enough to use a measuring tape.

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Barefoot Australian Rob Bredl Rides a Crocodile [VIDEO]