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Bank Fishing Tips and Tricks [VIDEO]

Check out this video for some great tips for when you are fishing from shore.

These days it seems like everything about bass fishing, from TV shows, magazine articles, and YouTube videos, is centered on fishing from a boat.

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Fishing from a boat offers a lot of great luxuries for bass anglers such as the ability to carry more gear and cover more water. However, not everyone has access to a bass boat, and instead focus their fishing efforts from the bank of any given body of water.

Thanks to the guys over at Bass Resource, bank anglers can now get some great tips and tricks on how to catch more bass.

This video offers some great advice on everything from how to organize and carry your tackle, to what features on the water to focus your efforts on.

Bank fishing can be a very productive way to fish and after watching this video, even the most seasoned bank angler will probably learn something new and useful.

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Although owning a bass boat is the dream of many anglers, catching big bass from the bank offers the same thrills as fishing from the deck of a fully-equipped Bass Tracker, even if it isn’t always as easy.

Do you prefer to fish from a boat or do you choose to stay on shore to fish? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Bank Fishing Tips and Tricks [VIDEO]