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Banff Bear Feeding Caught on Video Leads to Fine [VIDEO]

Parks Canada has had the same stance as many parks across the world – don’t feed the wildlife.

As people become more and more distant from our natural world, the education regarding the dangers of feeding wildlife becomes less.

Parks Canada has made a huge push in putting a stop to these incidents as these incidents are becoming more and more common, especially at the parks in Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay.

This has become such an issue that the parks are asking visitors to report any incidents involving those who break this rule. Videos, such as the one below, have been released by Parks Canada in hopes of helping the issue.

This footage was captured along the Icefields Parkway, or Highway 93, and led to charges that ended in court in June 2014. The offender ended up receiving a 1,000$ fine.

Bears who associate cars or people with food will only lead to more dangerous encounters as these powerful and majestic creatures will become bolder with every learning encounter.

“We are sharing the … video that helped lead to these charges in order to educate people about why the feeding of wildlife is dangerous for both people and animals, as well as to seek public support in the reporting of wildlife feeding incidents, which may further deter this unlawful behaviour,” said Parks Canada in a release.

Anyone who witnesses a similar incident is asked to report it at 1-888-WARDENS.

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Banff Bear Feeding Caught on Video Leads to Fine [VIDEO]