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Balloon Shark Rig Made Easy [VIDEO]

balloon shark rig

Watch this short video to learn how to make a balloon shark rig quickly and easily.

The balloon shark rig is a technique employed by many anglers who target the toothy, saltwater predators. It is effective and helps anglers to catch a lot of sharks. The best part about it is how cheap and easy it is to set up and use.

Gene Dyer, of Florida Sport Fishing, shows how to use an innovative balloon clip specifically made for fishing purposes to set up a simple balloon shark rig in the video below.

The balloon shark rig clip featured in the video can also be used to attach weights to fishing line. Being able to easily have baits at different levels in the water column is important for shark fishing.

That is what using a balloon shark rig allows anglers to do. You can learn more about the clip, and buy your own, at the company's website here.

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Balloon Shark Rig Made Easy [VIDEO]