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Shotgun Showdown: Ballistics Gel Bears vs. Shotgun Slugs

shotgun slugs

So this is what you get when you shoot fragmenting shotgun slugs at a row of ballistics gel bears.

Shotgun slugs are one of the most devastating and destructive types of ammo that civilians have access to. Creativity has really taken hold with a lot of ammo manufacturers and the resulting shotgun slugs do a lot of damage. Not to mention, they’re an absolute blast to shoot at stuff.

That list of stuff is a long one and most certainly includes ballistics gel bears designed in the same form as giant, edible gummy bears. The poor bears in this video stood no chance when YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS lined them up in front of the sights on his shotgun.

Check out the devastatingly destructive results in the video below!

The shotgun slugs being used in the video are DDupleks Dupo 28 steel slugs. The slugs feature six razor sharp teeth that fragment upon impact with the target.

The damage done to the ballistics gel bears speaks for itself and proves that the 2 ¾” DDupleks slugs are extremely powerful. Make sure to check out the end of the video for an up close look at one of the razor sharp fragments these shotgun slugs contain!


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Shotgun Showdown: Ballistics Gel Bears vs. Shotgun Slugs