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Bald Eagles Hunting in Residential Chicago [VIDEO]

The bald eagles hunting in this video are pretty neat to watch, but the dialog of the family filming is what steals the show.

Bald eagles in Tinley Park, Ill., might be a rare thing. In the video, the Hinkle family is recording as they watch an adult bald eagle swoop and dive as it looks for fish in their backyard retention pond.

Shortly into the video, your attention may turn from the actual bald eagles to the amazement of the Hinkle family as they watch the show. You won’t be able to help but smile.

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For many outdoorsmen in America, seeing bald eagles hunting is just a small part of what makes the outdoors so addictive. Let this video be a reminder of the wonders of nature that so many people never get to experience for themselves. Special moments like this seem to happen when people least expect it.

Please share this video with your non-nature friends. Maybe then, they will be inspired to get out and enjoy nature for an encounter of their own.

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Bald Eagles Hunting in Residential Chicago [VIDEO]