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Bald Eagles Adopt Duck Egg After Eating Mother [VIDEO]

Most of us have probably heard stories about an animal "adopting" a baby of another species.

They are popular stories because they show that animals can have compassion for other creatures.

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Usually those stories include animals such as dogs or cats. However, sometimes our feathered friends show that they are capable of such things as well.

Granted, this particular story evolved during a hunt in which two bald eagles killed a female duck with an egg inside that had yet to be laid.

In this remarkable footage courtesy of YouTuber dragonlainey, a male bald eagle returns to his mate and their eaglets with a freshly killed duck in his talons. As the eagles consume the duck, the egg that was still inside the duck emerged.

Seeing an egg in their nest probably caused the eagles to follow their instincts and care for it.

There's more footage out there of the full incident, but we'll spare you the details and just share this video. Feel free to look for more, it's a fascinating event.

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Although it is highly unlikely that the duck chick would survive for very long if it ever hatches, this is still an interesting example of the mothering instincts that birds of prey possess.

Have you ever heard about one animal "adopting" another animal of a different species? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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Bald Eagles Adopt Duck Egg After Eating Mother [VIDEO]