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Watch This Domestic Cat Try to Avoid a Bald Eagle on the Hunt

Eagle attacks are impressive.

Pets on Vancouver Island are trying to avoid becoming the next lunch for this bald eagle.

In a cell phone video filmed on Vancouver Island near Washington recently, viewers will see a bald eagle flying around a fenced in backyard in an attempt to capture a domestic pet cat. The clip is short, and viewers will want to catch the first few seconds in order to see the action.

The two animals can be seen playing a chess match as the video concludes. The cat, who appears to escape as the filming ends, is able to evade the large eagle, this time. Local residents claim the bald eagles are becoming conditioned to human behavior in the area.

This conditioning has led the eagles to seek out easy prey in the area, small dogs and cats. Residents are encouraged to closely monitor their pets when outside as the eagles have been witnessed attempting to snatch up the small backyard animals on multiple occasions as of late.


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Watch This Domestic Cat Try to Avoid a Bald Eagle on the Hunt