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Bald Eagle Escapes Clutches of Octopus Thanks to Alert Fish Farm Workers

A bald eagle that thought an octopus was lunch got the tables turned on it.

CBC News in Canada reported that John Ilett and his co-workers at a Quatsino Bay, British Columbia fish farm got the surprise of their lives when they spotted a bald eagle and a large octopus battling in the water. Ilett said that "they were grappling and struggling in the water. The thing dwarfed the eagle and completely wrapped it up."

The event occurred near the northwestern shore of Vancouver Island and must have been an eye-opener for the aquaculture crew. Members of the team reasoned that the bird must have seen the large octopus and attempted to capture it.

It was then that the large, predatory bird realized its mistake. In the video it can be seen that the men were able to get close enough to the pair to use a telescoping pole to intervene.

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Here's the video:

While the actual rescue was made, it cannot be seen on the video, although it was said that they "slowly peeled the octopus off" and "that gave the eagle just enough time to break free and swim to shore."

While there was some colorful language in the video, the CBC seems to have bleeped it all out, but who could blame those workers after that experience?

It's anyone's guess as to how the two animals became entangled but Ilett added that both of the creatures went their separate ways unharmed and saying, "I've been out here for many years and I've seen a lot of stuff, but this ranks up there with one of the coolest for sure."

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