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Bald Eagle Attack Puts 85-Year-Old Man in Hospital

All images via PR Wildlife Shelter

Of all the people to be involved in an bald eagle attack… 

85-year-old Gunther Golinia and his wife Nancy have been running the Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehabilitation Shelter of British Columbia for 35 years. To date, both have encountered their fair share of scratches, bites, bumps, and bruises. However, a recent incident involving a bald eagle attack landed Gunther in the hospital.

“When you deal with wild animals, occasionally no matter how much you watch out, you get scratched or bitten because they’re freaked out,” said Golinia. “They’re hurting. They’re injured.”

That was exactly the case with his latest bald eagle rescue.


“I don’t know if the eagle felt cornered or something, but he put his talons in my right boot, and a couple of them went right into the muscle,” he said in an interview. “A scratch outside is one thing, but if it gets right into the muscle it’s a little bit of a time bomb.”

Six days later, Golinia was released from the local hospital after a bad case of blood poisoning that nearly caused the amputation of his leg.

In the meantime, before Gunther is back and operating at full capacity working with the animals, the couple is asking for donations to help keep their shelter running smoothly.

Taking care of 78 animals is no small affair.

All images via PR Wildlife Shelter


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Bald Eagle Attack Puts 85-Year-Old Man in Hospital