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Bait vs. Lures: Answering the Question on Every Fisherman's Mind

Head out to the lake or pond and you'll hear the question of bait vs. lures about every hour or so. Here's a shot at a definitive answer.

Some swear by artificial lures, while others always swear by real bait. No matter where you are in the world, you probably hear this debate every time you head out fishing and no one is catching anything. So what's the real winner when it comes to bait vs. lures? It's complicated.

While lure fishing is definitely the more commercialized of the two options, that doesn't necessarily mean much. How many people would enjoy watching an advertisement on real stink bait? Probably very few. So artificial lures have a wider commercial appeal and let's be honest, the designs can get pretty fancy, which are easy on the eyes.

However, bait fishing is just as effective, if not more so in certain environments, you just don't hear about it very often. If you're looking for a a clear difference between the two, this awesome infographic from FIX breaks down everything you've ever needed to know about the age-old question.

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So there's no clear answer to which is better, but it's basically personal preference unless you're in a weather condition or area where one is known to reign supreme.


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Bait vs. Lures: Answering the Question on Every Fisherman's Mind