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Bait’s-Eye-View: Bass Tries to Gulp Down a GoPro [VIDEO]

Do you ever wonder what it looks like for the bait when a fish eats it?  Now you can know.

Get a bait’s-eye-view in the moments before it gets eaten by  a largemouth bass. Consider this your up-close and personal experience in fishing.

Multiple GoPro shots, including some in slo-mo, give you an idea of what the inside of a fish looks like and make you imagine the last minutes of a worm’s life.

The use of underwater action cameras is always being taken to new levels. More and more videographers, both professional and amateur, are giving anglers a new take on their sport and new insight into the actions and habits of fish.

By no means do videos make it easier, but knowing the habits of a fish sure does help the sport of angling.

And make for some great footage!

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Bait’s-Eye-View: Bass Tries to Gulp Down a GoPro [VIDEO]