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The Bait Blaster Cannon Can Shoot Bait 200 Yards Out

bait blaster

This launcher shoots bait 200 yards out to where the big fish are.

So you don't own a boat, but want to fish for some larger saltwater game like sharks? How do you get your bait 200 yards offshore where the bigger fish are cruising?

The bait blaster cannon seems to be the answer to that problem.

As odd as the bait blaster may seem, it does look like it works! I've heard of people using kayaks to take their bait out that far from shore for shark fishing before. However this idea seems a lot faster, and a whole lot more fun!

Using this device you'd want to be careful to leave your bail open before launch. I'm not sure if it would have the power to take the pole 200 yards out to sea, but I can't imagine it'd be pleasant if you forgot!

The fishing cannon might get a few stares from beach-goers, but they won't be laughing when you reel in the big one!

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The Bait Blaster Cannon Can Shoot Bait 200 Yards Out