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Badgers and Hunters, Going at it Like They Always Do [VIDEO]

Catching badgers by hand? Not the best idea ever.

Watch as one brave soul corners a badger in a field and attempts to capture it alive and put it in a pet carrier.

While driving to work, our protagonist spots a badger in a field almost every day. He spots his antagonist, the badger, pulls his truck over and tries to grab it by hand.

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A badger is a very powerful predator that uses its claws to dig up rodents, grubs and other morsels to satisfy its ravenous appetite. Its jaws are not to be messed with, and its bad disposition can take on animals as large as bears, or a guy trying to grab it.

This badger wants a piece of this guy, and on many occasions, he almost succeeds! The man indeed gets the badger into the cage with no damage to either party.

We do want you to know that no one should try this at home, but this video was too good not to share. I hope this guy never spots a bear on the way to work...

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Badgers and Hunters, Going at it Like They Always Do [VIDEO]