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Badass Russian Man Strangles Rabid Wolf with His Bare Hands


Proving yet again that Russians are one tough breed of human, this guy takes it up a notch by choking the life out of rabid wolf after it bites the hell out of him.

A Russian man is in the lead as the toughest SOB not in uniform on planet earth right now.

This guy was minding his own business one morning, possibly having just hooked his dog out to do its business, when all hell broke loose.

A wolf--a big, mangey, fang-snapping rabid wolf--had wandered into the man's village (we don't actually know the appearance of the wolf, that's just how I'm picturing a rabid wolf in this story reported by RT News). The wolf suddenly attacked the man's neighbor lady, biting her at least once before turning to attack his own dog that was barking at the wolf.

The man immediately ran to rescue the lady and the dog from the attacking wolf. He grabbed a stick and began beating the wolf to get it to stop its attack on his neighbor and/or dog. His action with the stick only served to send the rabid wolf into a greater frenzy, whereupon it turned its attack to the man himself, tearing into him with a number of vicious bites.

Here's where the story goes from "simple" heroism to freaking epic!

The wolf's attack and biting only served to enrage the man even more than the wolf. He decided to throw down his stick and fight the wolf bare handed, getting bit even more but managing to get hold of the wolf by its neck and strangling the life from it like a man possessed. Incredible!

The authorities did check the wolf and confirmed that it was rabid. Both the man and his neighbor are being treated for the disease.

Apparently, rabies has become a significant concern in the region, with authorities conducting vaccinations for domestic animals and livestock, and even quarantining some areas due to rabies outbreaks.

The final tidbit in the news report indicated that another man in northern Russia had recently contracted rabies from an infected fox. The man died from the disease because he eschewed medical treatment and rather attempted to treat himself by applying iodine to the bite.

In any event, if there ever should be a worldwide zombie apocalypse, I think we all would like to have this wolf-strangling Russian fellow on our team.


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Badass Russian Man Strangles Rabid Wolf with His Bare Hands