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Sharks Are Eating Google’s Undersea Fiber Optics Cables [VIDEO]

Google says sharks are destroying their undersea fiber optic cables in the Pacific Ocean that carry Internet and telecommunications data.

The company is going to great lengths to coat the cables in a Kevlar-like material to protect them from shark bites, reports Network World

Here’s what it looks like when the sharks attack the undersea cables.

Check out these shark videos:

Why are sharks chowing down on the cables? It’s probably because they sense the electromagnetic energy generated by them, say shark researchers. Sharks hunt in part by sensing electromagnetic fields around their prey.

Apparently, sharks attacking fiber optics cables isn’t anything new. It’s been a problem since fiber the 1980’s when fiber optics cables were laid down in the world’s oceans. 

Google’s fiber optics cables in the Pacific are part of a network the company is constructing to link Internet and telecommunications data from Japan to west coast cities like Los Angeles and Portland.


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Sharks Are Eating Google’s Undersea Fiber Optics Cables [VIDEO]