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Bad Hunting Season? Time to Learn From Your Hunting Mistakes

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Did you have a bad hunting season? Here are some tips to help you have better luck next time.  

Did you have trouble finding deer? Didn’t make a kill this season? Did you just have a bad hunting season? Don’t feel bad because you’re actually in the majority. Unfortunately, it probably means you didn’t do your homework.

The most common reason for hunters failing to find a deer is that they didn’t spend enough time preparing preseason. You have to take a lot of time to scout out the areas you’ll be going to and make a plan.

Use Technology – Now

You might want to take some time to invest in and set up trail cameras. Start learning their trail routes now so you can pick up easily preseason next year.

Change Location

Well done for waiting for the perfect buck. However, it wasn’t likely that you were going to find a big mature buck this season. If you never saw what you were after, it might be time to change your location. Know what kind of hunters are in your area. Eager hunters mean fewer mature bucks since most won’t make it more than a couple of years.

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Know the Rut in Your Area

Study when the peak of the rut is in your area. Understanding the patterns and deviations from regular behavior during rut will help you be more successful.

Bad Aim?

This one is sort of self explanatory. Practice makes perfect – or nearly. Use the off season to go to the shooting range and practice your shooting skills.

Ultimately, always learn from your mistakes. No one was born with perfect hunting skills. Usually people learn more from their mistakes than they do from their successes so don’t be too upset.

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Bad Hunting Season? Time to Learn From Your Hunting Mistakes